About Henriette

"My two greatest joys in doing this job are seeing the exciting culmination of all of my efforts and hearing the clients express their appreciation."

Henriette Rieu

After eighteen years as a partner in a building company where she was involved in all facets of the construction business, Henriette Rieu has worked as Lighting Designer for Yale Appliance and Lighting Inc. in Boston since 1999. She has laid out lighting for over 1500 homes in New England, Florida, and California. During the past eleven years, she has also provided lighting designs for numerous businesses such as The Carpet Factory in Burlington, the Friendly Fruits Cuisine studio in New Bedford, Ember in Marshfield, the Modern Cafe in Cambridge, and, in Boston, The Flames, Om, and Shanti Indian restaurants.

Whether you want to enhance existing space or you are embarking on new construction, lighting design is an important component of your project. It is a complex science that requires extensive knowledge of equipment, controls, and lighting technology. It is also an art that requires a special understanding of how illumination can set a mood and create an inviting setting. Henriette blends the science and the art to help you achieve a beautiful and functional design.